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Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities

The Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities is an important document for students, parents, guardians, and staff to review each year.  The document outlines key rights and responsibilities for stakeholders and highlights important policies and procedures that help our schools run safely and effectively.  This document is offered in multiple languages and is reviewed annually with student groups, parent/guardian groups, and staff to ensure it’s our best reflection for what we expect of our schools.  Should you have questions about the code or suggestions for its improvement, please contact Curt Teff, Director of Community Services at 608-789-8466 or cteff@lacrossesd.org.

Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities 2020-21 in English printable pdf format.

Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities 2020-21 in Spanish printable pdf format.

Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities 2020-21 in Hmong printable pdf format. 

Addendum to the Code of Rights and Responsibilities 2020-21 in English printable pdf format.

Student Info Update

Available June 14th for Hamilton and Northside Students

Available July 1st for All District Students



Everything you need to update your child’s student information this summer can be found on this page.  The Student Info Update helps us best serve your child by making sure we have the most accurate and current information in our system.


Rather than the forms being sent home over the summer or handed out at open house, they’ve been moved online for greater convenience for parents/guardians.




Before you begin, make sure you have access to:

  • New phone numbers for parents/guardians and/or emergency contacts

  • Your child’s doctor’s name and hospital

  • Information about any new health conditions and medications


The Student Info Update is simple and quick.  If you’re unable to complete the update for all of your children at one time, you can save your information and complete at a later date.


Start at the Skyward Family Access login page.


If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the link Forgot Login/Password?  You can also contact your child’s school or the District Registrar’s Office to have it reset.




Your child’s school and the district Registrar’s Office are available to answer questions and assist over the phone from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.


If you need computer access and/or assistance at your child’s school, please call the school to schedule an appointment. Computer access can also be found at the La Crosse public libraries and community centers. Due to the current COVID19 situation, please call ahead to check for availability.


For step by step instructions, please click here to access the Student Info Update Instructional Booklet.