School of Technology & Arts II
1450 Avon St | La Crosse, Wisconsin 54603 | 608-789-7740 | Fax: 608-789-7752


What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are created through a contract between the charter governance board (the SOTA II inc.) and the School Board.  SOTA II is a public charter working within the La Crosse School District.  It is one of the oldest charters in the state.


If I am not a La Crosse School District Student Can I attend?

Yes you can!  Open enroll to the La Crosse School District and fill out the Intra District Transfer form for SOTA II.  Contact either teacher for help or to ask questions.  (Links Below)


How do you become a student?

Enrollment window opens in February – March every year for the following year.

To reserve your spot as a SOTA II student use the Intra-District Transfer form. This form communicates with the district, the building, and SOTA II of interest in your student attending SOTA II the following year.

After filling out this form SOTA II staff will contact the family to answer questions, arrange shadows or tours, and communicate placement. (Links Below)


When will I know if I am a student?

Current students automatically have a spot for the following year.

New student placements will be confirmed by the district via mail by the end of the year with a letter.  Families will need to confirm the placement by following the directions in the letter. (Links Below)


Can I start in the middle of the year?

SOTA II will consider taking on new students at quarter and semester depending on space and students needs.  Student needs include current students attending SOTA II and the needs of the incoming student.  To indicate interest in starting as a SOTA II student during the current year utilize the Intradistrict transfer form for the current year. (Links Below)