Environmental School
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Mrs. Karen Anderson

Hello,  I am Mrs. Anderson.  Welcome to first grade where reading fun books takes our minds to interesting places.  During the year first graders will work to improve reading skills from the earliest reading stages to fluent readers of fiction and nonfiction books.  Students will work on writing skills from simple penmanship practice to writing personal narratives and informational text over several pages.  During the year the first graders will learn to count, add and subtract within the double digets, tell time, and become problem solvers in various math areas.  We also will work as a class to become better friends and learn to be helpful citizens of the Lacrosse community.  As an environmental school, the students learn to care for the Earth and take part in activities which make our hometown a beautiful place to learn and grow.  If you need to reach me please feel free to call school any school day between 7:35 and 3:25.  Most days I am in the room until 4:30.



Karen Anderson

Summit Elementary