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Kindergarten Information

Kindergarten Information 2019-20

We are excited to have your family join us as you have a student beginning kindergarten this fall. We will not be running any formal kindergarten orientation program or meeting this year. You and your student will have a scheduled 45 min time slot to come meet the teacher and see the classroom.  Each spring we have our preschool students visit the three kindergarten classrooms, allowing them to spend some time in each room so they can meet the teachers and become familiar with the classrooms. For families who did not have a child in a preschool program at Summit but who will be attending kindergarten at Summit this fall, we are happy to set up a time for you and your child to visit our school. Parents are encouraged to call us ahead of time to schedule a visit (789-7980).


First Day of School for Kindergarten Students

The first day of school for all first –fifth graders will be Tuesday, September 3rd. Kindergartners and their parents have a scheduled 45 minute appointment with their child’s teacher on Tuesday, September 3rd and kindergarten students begin class on Wednesday, September 4th. Your scheduled appointment time for you and your child will be sent to you in the school mailing in early August. We want you to bring your child with you so they can become comfortable in the classroom. This appointment will allow you to visit with the teacher to ensure we know plans for after school, any medical needs, etc.


Class Configurations

We plan on having approximately 54 kindergarten students this fall. Our target class sizes for each classroom is 18 students but there are times when we may have 19 or 20 students in the classroom. We have three kindergarten teachers:  Mrs. Fechner, Mrs. Ofte and Mrs. Zigler. You can go to the “Classrooms” button above to learn more about each of the teachers. You will be receiving a letter in early August with your child’s assigned kindergarten teacher along with your scheduled appointment time for September 3rd.


Student Day

The school day for kindergarten students is the same as for students in grades 1-5.  The student day runs from 8:00-2:40. The building opens for students at 7:45 and they are expected to be in their classrooms by 8:00 each day. They will have a 25 minute lunch and 25 minute recess time daily. They will also have a 45 minute art, music or physical education time each day. Students are excused at 2:40 each day. If parents are picking students up at the end of the day we ask that you wait outside the main foyer until the dismissal bell rings at 2:40.


Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast is available at school and is served in the classrooms. This is not mandatory. Each day students can select to have either cereal or an entrée. Families can fill out a form to determine if they qualify for free or reduced priced meals. We currently have about 50% of our families who qualify for this program. Students qualifying for free or reduced meals will receive both breakfast and lunch at this price. There are three choices available for lunch each day throughout our school nutrition program, with the third option always yogurt. Students are allowed to bring a cold lunch from home if you wish.



There will not be any scheduled milk break each morning. However, students will have a morning break with some sort of snack. Because we serve breakfast in the classroom each day from 7:45-8:00, and kindergarten students go to lunch at 10:50, there is no need for a significant snack in the mornings. Your child’s assigned teacher will be giving you more information about healthy snacks we encourage students to have during the day.



For students who live in the Summit attendance area, busing is provided for students living north of I-90 or east of the Clinton Street Bridge on north side of La Crosse. If you live in this area you need to register for busing. Please refer to the “Register for Busing” button on our main web page. For students who are attending Summit through the Choice program, students can be bused to and from your home school. Again, you will need to register for busing. Please refer to the “Register for Busing” button on our main web page. We will be providing a shuttle to the Boys & Girls Clubs again this year for students who qualify for busing. Arrangements for the after school programs at the Boys & Girls Club Program need to be arranged with them. However, you can enter this information on the busing registration form on-line. If you have any special requests or considerations for busing please contact the Go Riteway Bus Company at 608 881-6370. Anytime you have a change in plans for how your child is getting home after school we ask that you either call or send a written note to your child’s teacher.


Before & After School Care

On-site Surround Care is available both before and after school through the Y. Interested parents can call the Y directly at 782-9622 Ext 235 to register students for this program. We do provide a bus that goes to the Boys and Girls (BGC) Program after school each day. Again this is set up by the BGC.


If you have any additional questions you can call the school office anytime from 7:30-3:00 weekdays in the summer. We look forward to working with you and your child this fall