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Support our Schools

Make a DonationThe School District of La Crosse is fortunate to have the strong support of the
La Crosse Community. Monetary and in-kind donations are much appreciated and help stretch our schools budgets.

April Donors







Gifts In-Kind

Financial support is not the only assistance our schools can use.  Donated items such as classroom materials and school supplies can often be used in our schools.  These donations help us stretch our school budgets even further.  Contact our schools with your in-kind donation.  School Phone Numbers








Food Pantries

The School District of La Crosse has food pantries at many of our schools.  The pantries provide groceries and toiletries to families in need.  The pantries are stocked through the generous support of The La Crosse Community Foundation’s Jim’s Grocery Bag Fund and through donations from private citizens, community organizations, and food drives.  Contact our schools or School Nutrition to make a donation.  School Phone Numbers