Coulee Region
Virtual Academy
228 5th Ave S La Crosse Wisconsin 54601 | 608-789-5918

What is CRVA?

CRVA is a local K-12 virtual school that is supported by certified-licensed La Crosse School District teachers. We are a community of learners, with a focus on student learning – learning content in a flexible, interactive, compassionate, and safe environment. Students in K-8 will learn with a teacher as well as independently. The 9-12 students will be learning independently and will meet with teachers as needed.


The Coulee Region Virtual Academy is an online charter school focused on community with individual personal connections and support, academic growth, flexibility, independence, reflection, discovery and learning by curiosity for K-12th grade students. The CRVA will prepare students for academic success through an engaging, personalized, virtual education.


To identify, nurture, and expand students’ pathways to achieve their educational and personal goals towards a successful future within our local and global community.