State Road
Elementary School
3900 Pammel Creek Road | La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 | 608-789-7690 | Fax: 608-789-7084
State Road

Curt Rees, Principal 


Office Hours:  7:30 am – 3:30 pm

School Hours:  8:05 am – 2:45 pm

Welcome to State Road Elementary School

Mission Statement:“Together we will provide a quality education for all students.”


State Road Elementary is uniquely located off State Highway #33 in Greenwald Coulee. Nestled at the base of one of La Crosse’s many beautiful bluffs, a five acre setting provides a picturesque learning environment. Our natural setting provides our students access to nature trails, an outdoor classroom, Strye Nature Center Center, and Chad Erickson Memorial Park.  Annually, State Road ranks among the top elementary schools academically while taking great pride in developing the whole child.

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School Closings

In the event school is closed or dismissed early due to bad weather, the announcement will be made on the following television and radio stations:

  • WKBT TV 8, WEAU TV 13
  • COW 97 FM, KQ98 FM
  • WXOW TV 19, WKTY 580 AM
  • WIZM 1410 AM, EAGLE 102.7 FM
  • WLFN 1490 AM, CC106.3 FM
  • WLSU 88.99 FM, KCLH 94.7 FM
  • Z93 93.3 FM, WRQT 95.7 FM
  • MAGIC 104.9 FM, CLASSIC ROCK 100.1FM

The announcement will also be listed on the district’s website at


Upcoming Events

February 17:  No School

February 20:  PTO Meeting, 6:30pm in LMC

February 22:  Jump Rope for Heart

March 1:  Lifetouch Spring Pictures

March 10:  Early Release – school dismissed at 12:45

March 13:  No school.  Parent/Teacher Conferences from 12:00 – 8:00pm

March 16:  Parent/Teacher Conferences from 4:00-8:00pm

March 20:  PTO Meeting, 6:30pm in LMC

March 27: No School, inservice

Important Health Information from the School District of La Crosse

The La Crosse County Health Department is reporting a Pertussis (Whooping Cough) outbreak in La Crosse County. Currently the cases include students from other area school districts. Please keep in mind our students are highly mobile and are often in contact with students in other districts through activities (i.e. sports, co-curricular events and shared programs). It is important that you not send your student to school if he or she has any of the signs or symptoms of pertussis listed below. Students with suspected pertussis should be tested, treated with appropriate antibiotics and isolated until at least 5 days of antibiotic treatment have been completed or testing is negative.

Pertussis is a bacterial disease that is spread through the air by direct face-to-face contact with a case of pertussis. Pertussis begins with cold like symptoms and a cough that becomes much worse over a period of 1-2 weeks. Symptoms usually include a long series of cough (“coughing fits”) followed by a whooping noise. However, older children, adults and very young infants may not develop the whoop. There is generally no fever. People with pertussis may have series of coughs followed by vomiting, turning blue, or difficulty catching breath. The cough is often worse at night and cough medicines usually do not make the cough go away. Pertussis is most serious in infants and preschoolers who have not received DTaP vaccine. DTaP vaccine is only licensed for children ages of 2 months through 6 years of age. Routine immunizations of infants and children are recommended.

Protection after immunization is not lifelong, but is highly effective during the years immediately following vaccination. Persons who acquire pertussis after having been immunized against pertussis usually have milder illness than persons who have never been immunized against pertussis. Since 2006, a pertussis vaccine for adolescents and adults, called Tdap, has been routinely recommended as a one-time booster to be given at age 11 or 12 years. Adolescents and adults who have never received Tdap should receive one dose of Tdap as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact your health care provider and/or the La Crosse County Health Department at 608-785-9723.

Pertussis Fact Sheet

Thank you. La Crosse School District Nurses

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Harvest of the Month for January:  Eggs

The Harvest of the Month is a partnership between La Crosse County Health Department’s Foot Steps to Health initiative, the La Crosse County Farm2School Program, area school districts and the community. Funding for this project was provided by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health from the Wisconsin Partnership Program.


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