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Cultural & Family Connections

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Our mission is to educate, support, and engage our staff, families, and students on topics and issues of culture, race, and social justice. We strive to provide on-going programs that focus on academic success, students/staff development, advocacy, and community outreach.


The Cultural Liaison Program is designed…

…to support families and students of racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds

…to serve staff and administrators through conversations and presentations on racially and ethnically diverse topics that will enhance the understanding of all

…to be engaged with various cultural initiatives and programming within the La Crosse Community

Areas of Focus:


Families and Students

  1. Connect and build relationships with racially and ethnically diverse families to increase their involvement in Schools
  2. Promote academic success and leadership among racially and ethnically diverse students
  3. Promote strategies for resolving conflict and for addressing the dynamics of difference with all students
  4. Provide programming to support racially and ethnically diverse students and families



  1. Provide district-wide presentations and conversations on various racially diverse topics to enhance understanding of racially diverse populations.
  2. Examine and develop district wide diversity and inclusion policies  
    • …Increase cultural awareness for district leadership and staff
    • …Support other culture related initiatives in the district
    • …Provide input on district initiatives and policies
  3. Collaborate with selected schools and assist with culturally responsive systems implementation
  4. Act as a resource and provide advocacy for the district relative to cultural and race issues


Community Engagement  

  1. Encourage students to be active members in their school and community
  2. Support and collaborate with community organizations that enhance and promote racially and ethnically diverse populations
  3. Develop relationships with the different racially diverse communities in the area

Here are some Hmong websites which may be of interest to Hmong students and families:

Here are some African American websites and book titles which may be of interest to African American students and families:

Clint Smith: How to raise a black son in America

Mellody Hobson: Color blind or color brave?

Bella Online

-Between the World and Me

Cultural Liaison Staff

Supervisor of Cultural Liaison Program
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Shaundel Spivey
Cultural Liaison
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NaoHoua Tony Yang
Cultural Liaison
(608) 789-6664