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Culinary Arts Academy


The culinary academy will be a one-year program focusing on professionalism and customer service in culinary management and operations. In addition, students will have coursework to gain experience in baking and pastry and professional culinary food preparation. The program will offer students the opportunity to earn up to ten transcripted credits as well as a Customer Sales Certificate from Western Technical College which is an Industry Recognized Credential. We will also offer students opportunities for personalized work-based learning and experiences such as youth apprenticeship and service-safe certifications.

Students gain practical, industry-specific skills related to hospitality and tourism, including culinary experience, customer service, event planning, and management skills within a simulated lab setting that mirrors the food service industry. This exposure helps students apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. This opportunity allows students to develop flexibility, problem-solving skills, and the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments. Beyond technical skills, students develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, and leadership. All qualities are highly valued in any professional setting.

About Us

The labs at Western offer our students the opportunity and experience to gain real-world culinary skills in a commercial kitchen setting. The labs are set up in a similar style with equipment that is relevant to the food service industry. 

Pathways in Career and Technical Education programs play a crucial role in preparing students for successful careers by offering focused, relevant, and hands-on learning experiences that align with industry needs. Offering students a variety of Pathways allows students to explore various career options within a specific industry before committing to a particular career.



The Hospitality and Tourism industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries. The culinary academy will provide students with a focused and specialized curriculum in the particular field of food service. This allows students to develop in-depth knowledge and skills related to this industry

Course Sequence

Semester 1:
Professionalism & Success in
Culinary management .5 credit
Professional Culinary Food
Preparation .5 credit
English 12- year long
Semester 2:
Quality Customer Service in
Culinary Management .5 credit
Baking & Pastry .5 credit
English 12- 1 credit

How It Works


  • Students travel to Western Technical College’s Culinary Arts Industrial Kitchen, which is under contract with the School District of La Crosse
  • School District of La Crosse High School Family & Consumer Sciences Instructors teach dual credit courses
  • District provides transportation
  • Students earn both High School and post-secondary level credit

Contact Information

Britta Rotering

Supervisor of Career & Technical Education
(608) 789-8948

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed on our web page, please feel free to contact us using this form.