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School Health Services


The Mission of the School District of La Crosse Nursing Service Program is to enhance the educational environment of each student by preventing, limiting, and removing health-related barriers to learning and promoting decision-making that leads to each student’s optimal level of wellness.

Although the primary responsibility for the well-being of the student resides with the parent, the School District shares in that responsibility by providing for the health, illness, and emergency needs of the student during the school day and school activities.

The School District recognizes that a healthy child can more fully realize the attainment of her/his individual educational objectives.

School Health Staff

Jenna Euler, RN

Logan Middle School
Hintgen Elementary School
North Woods Elementary School
Integrated Supports Program

Shelley Johnson, RN

Lincoln Middle School/SOTA II/MONT(6-8)
Summit Environmental School
Northside Elementary School/MONT

Melissa Kujak, RN

Logan High School
Hamilton Elementary School/SOTA I
Emerson Elementary School

Sara Lieurance, RN

Central High School
La Crosse Polytechnic
Southern Bluffs Elementary School

Jen Thrower, RN

Longfellow Middle School
Spence Elementary School
State Road Elementary School

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