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21st Century After School Program

All About The After School Program

The After School Program is open on school days, Monday – Friday from 2:55-5:00 and is open to K-2 Northside Elementary and Coulee Montessori Students. While recommendations for the program usually come from the teachers, parents are also welcome to inquire about their child participating.

The Northside After School Program is a wonderful opportunity for all K-2 students when the normal school day has ended at 2:55 pm. The children who are in the program will have a snack, do a 30 minute block of tutoring to receive academic support, will have time to play outside or dance in the classroom, and participate in enrichment activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, games, and much more. They will work one on one or in small groups with teachers, teacher assistants, or college students. Monday-Thursday involves group learning activities, as well as supervised homework completion. On Fridays, it is a celebration of learning, so we have a fun day.

We are partnering with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and the Y Surround Care. If you need care beyond 5 then enrolling your child in one of these programs would be an option. The BGC program extends until 5:30 PM and the Y Surround Care extends until 6:00 PM.

Ms. Kim Schumacher

After School Program Coordinator