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Student Services

Ryan Schmidt, School Counselor

Hello, my name is Ryan Schmidt, Hintgen Elementary School Counselor.  My number one goal is to meet the needs of all students to help them be successful.  It can be a challenge at times, but with the help of a wonderful staff and administration, collaboration can go a long way!

I especially enjoy hearing from parents and community resources.  Working together to brainstorm solutions is something I am very passionate about.  While most children do very well in school, a small percentage need extra help and that is where I come in.  I like to consider myself a “jack-of-all-trades” in my field of work, so please feel free to ask if there is anything you need!

Also as an elementary school counselor I teach students (Kindergarten – 5th grade) in personal, social, academic and career exploration.  This is done in three ways:

  1. Classroom lessons are presented to ALL students.  These lessons are developed from themes established by the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model and by using the programs of Second Step and Zones of Regulation.
  2. Individual counseling is provided to students who may need additional help in the areas of personal or social development as well as behavioral intervention.  Some students may also receive counseling due to an illness, death, divorce, trauma or other issues within the family.
  3. Group Counseling is provided for students who need extra support through the help of others their age.  When a student goes through a traumatic event or struggles with certain issues inside the classroom, a group can take place to help resolve or alleviate the problem, which can take up to six sessions.


Lastly, these are the themes I include to help all students be successful:

  • Skills For Learning
  • Bully Prevention/Conflict Resolution
  • Emotion Regulation/Feelings/Empathy
  • Problem Solving/Teamwork
  • Kindness
  • Friendship
  • Personal Safety
  • Careers/Transition/Change
  • Communication/Social Skills
  • Mindfulness/Calming Strategies


I would love to hear from you if there are concerns, questions, community resource assistance, or just to chat, so please feel free to contact me whenever it is convenient for you.  My contact information is below.  I look forward to a wonderful year!

Ryan Schmidt