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Polytechnic School
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The Advisors

Katy Weber

Background: I have a license in secondary chemistry and math education from UW-La Crosse; a Masters in Education from UW-La Crosse; and an alternative education license from UW-Milwaukee.


Interests/Passions: I enjoy spending time with my husband, three kiddos (Nora, Aubrey & Pierce) and dog Scout. We love to build Legos together. They keep me very busy! When I do get a little time to myself, I really enjoy crafting with my Cricut, playing cards, and hanging out on our backyard deck.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic? I am an advisor at La Crosse Poly because I love seeing students explore their passions and I get to learn alongside them. I also get the chance to use my love of math and science to teach and support students.

Brianna Larcom

Background: I earned my Bachelor of Science from UW-La Crosse; where I double-majored in Broadfield Social Studies Education and History Education, and minored in Sociology Education. I also have an alternative education license from UW-Milwaukee. Currently, I am working on my Master’s in Social Emotional Learning at Waldorf University. I have been a teacher at Polytechnic for three years, and I am excited for this upcoming year!


Interests/Passions: I enjoy traveling, hiking, coaching swimming, reading, learning random history, trivia, being outside, spending time with friends, having a hot cup of coffee, and walking our dog Theo!


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic?: I believe everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and valued; Polytechnic stands out as a school culture that embodies this belief and values each person in our community. Also, I became an educator to create an equitable, positive experience for all students, and I love that Polytechnic’s design is used for that purpose. At Polytechnic, I am so grateful to mentor and learn WITH students as they grow into community members that our world needs.

Jessica Bandell

Background: My degree is in Math Education from UW-La Crosse and I am starting my Masters in Education from UW-La Crosse.


Interests/Passions: I enjoy being outside hiking, hammocking, paddle boarding, kayaking, skiing, and going out on the water. I also enjoy reading, traveling, spending time with friends, cooking, and backing.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic?: I am an educator at Polytechnic because I want to help create positive mathematic experiences for students through their passions. I believe Polytechnic has a very special community in learning, and I am glad I can be apart of it.

Malcolm Jerks

Background: Secondary Math Education from UW – LaCrosse


Interests/Passions: A few of my interests include gardening and plants, I have over 50 houseplants. I also enjoy sports, my favorite to watch Formula One and NFL, my favorite to coach is basketball, and my favorite to play would be pickleball. I also enjoy everything about music, production, writing, listening, etc. I also have a large collection of vinyl records.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic?: I am an educator here because of the environment I witnessed at Polytech’s showcase. Polytech has clear values that I closely align with in my personal and professional life. I wanted to be a part of this environment as I believe this school empowers students to become the best version of themselves.

Dustin Boehm

Background: Secondary Biology Education


Interests/Passions: I love exercising, playing basketball, and spending time outside. My wife and I enjoy reading and watching movies together as well!


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic?: I believe that education is most impactful when it is connected to something we are passionate about. I chose Polytechnic because it offers students a unique opportunity to master both content AND skills through the exploration of their individual passions.

Emily Schoen

Background: I’m from La Crosse, born and raised. I graduated from La Crosse Central. I then attended Luther College, where I received a degree in English with a minor in Mathematics. I followed that up with a bachelor’s from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where I majored in English education and minored in Math education.


Interests/Passions: I love to craft (knit, crochet, cross stitch, etc.), read and hang out with my dog!


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic?: I chose Poly because I love working in a small school where everyone gets to know one another really well and get to see students do what they are passionate about in their personal projects.

Brad Bryan

Background: BA-English-Creative writing, UW-Eau Claire; M.Ed, Viterbo


Interests/Passions: Playing stringed instruments, hiking, bicycling hunting, fishing, camping, traveling, genealogy, cooking, home improvement projects, and discovering new hobbies.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic?: I chose La Crosse Polytechnic because it’s everything I wanted from my school experience as a student. As an educator, I believe that choice and project-based learning are among the most powerful ways to provide high-quality instruction.

Tara Schmitz

Background: I started out my educational career on a full rodeo scholarship to Missouri Valley College where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. From there, I pursued my Master’s Degree in Special Education alongside my 316 Reading Certificate.  This will be my 19th year teaching with a span of experience in grades K-12. In addition, I’m also a college adjunct for Viterbo University in their education program.


Interests/Passions: I come to you as a mother of four who loves to travel, explore and bake. When I’m not teaching, I’m supporting my kids in their many endeavors, running a small baking business, and leading a summer travel program. My passions are traveling, baking, rodeo, and servant leadership.  I continue to learn about the world around me in order to make my own world better.  I also enjoy thrifting, antiquing, and road trips with no destination in mind.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic?: I am entering this new role excited for the opportunity to embrace the future of education.  tudent-led learning is innovative and provides both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for all.  With a servant-led mind, I look forward to pushing boundaries and working together to embrace this ever-changing world we live in.