La Crosse
Polytechnic School
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The Advisors

Matt Weege

Education: BA in Education from UW-La Crosse; MA from UW-Stout


Interests/Passions: I’m an avid outdoorsman, specifically bowhunting, hiking, morel hunting, and anything that gets me in the woods. I love getting lost in a good movie just about as much as a good book, but passionately love spending time with my family.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic? I am a teacher at La Crosse Poly primarily because Scott Mihalovic saw something in me as a planner/leader to help originally open up 7Rivers to be a different opportunity for students in the La Crosse area. I am here now because I see the value of project-based learning embedded with meaningful projects and community connections as a way to help prep the youth who choose this route!

Katy Weber

Education: Secondary Chemistry and Math Education from UW-La Crosse; finishing my Masters in Education from UW-La Crosse


Interests/Passions: I enjoy spending time with my husband, two daughters, and dog. I also love crafting and playing cards.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic? I am an advisor at La Crosse Poly because I love seeing students explore their passions and I get to learn alongside them. I also get the chance to use my love of math and science to teach and support students.

Maggie McHugh

Education: Degrees in Mathematics and English Education from UW-La Crosse; PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, emphasis in Social Justice, from New Mexico St.


Interests/Passions: I am an avid reader, especially of Young Adult literature as I connect these books with my students. During the summer, I enjoy Stand-Up Paddleboarding, swimming and being on the water. Otherwise, I love shopping–books, clothing, craft items, shoes, gifts, Amazon deals–I love it all!


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic? All teachers dream of making a difference, yet I knew I wanted to make “my difference” in a place where I could explore critical, social justice topics with my students. Additionally, at the core of my educational belief is that all students can learn deeply when exploring authentic topics in creative, personalized ways. La Crosse Polytechnic is the perfect educational setting to achieve my goals as a teacher while lifting up the academic and personal goals of my students.

Joshua Wilke

Education: I was born in Milwaukee and moved around southeastern Wisconsin, eventually graduating from Muskego High School. I received my 6-12 Mathematics Teacher Certification from UW-La Crosse and have worked in the School District of La Crosse since then.


Interests/Passions: In my free time, you can usually catch me playing video games, raising my 2 cats, hiking/camping, or reading and meme-ing politics.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic? I choose to teach at La Crosse Polytechnic to help give students a meaningful and authentic education experience. Not only that, LCP provides the opportunity to care more about a student as a whole human being, not just another person I see in math class every day.

Brianna Larcom

Education: Bachelor of Science from UW-La Crosse; majored in Broadfield Social Studies Education and History Education; minored in Sociology Education.


Interests/Passions: Trivia, history nerd, eating ice cream, crafting, hiking, and enjoying a hot cup of coffee.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic? I believe everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and valued, and I noticed Polytech had a culture where this was evident. I chost Polytech because I wanted to be a part of the community and culture that sees students and staff for who they are and what they can become.

Kelsey Monroe

Education: Bachelors of Science in Education and Special Education from University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I have worked as a Special Education Teacher for the past ten years.


Interests/Passions:  I love spending time with my family. My husband and I have three lovely young girls who consume our time at home. We take every opportunity to be outside and enjoy the world around us.  We love to travel and explore new places in our area as a family.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic? I am passionate about education and providing students the tools they need to grow, learn, and succeed in life. One of my goals as an educator is to make meaningful connections with students and families in order to build relationships. I love what I do and believe in sharing my passion with the community by connecting local programs to help provide services and goods for students and families.

Naomi Golden

Education: B.A. in Chemistry from St. Olaf. M.A. in Education – Natural Sciences and Environmental Education from Hamline University.


Interests/Passions: I am an avid vegetable gardener and  I love turning those veggies into tasty meals. I have a passion for photography and memory keeping.


Why are you an educator at Polytechnic? I believe that children are naturally curious about the world and have an innate desire to learn. I work everyday to foster that natural curiousity. I hope our school helps students develop the tools to take their passions and build a life that they are proud of.

Leah Wyland