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Polytechnic School
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School Health

Health Assistant

Julie Ingram is the Health Assistant at La Crosse Polytechnic School.  Ms. Ingram assists children with minor injuries and illness during the school day.  She will contact parents when their child is too ill or uncomfortable to stay at school.

Ms. Ingram works with the School Nurse to provide for the safety of children and is an important part of the Medical Response Team (MRT).

If you need to contact Ms. Ingram, please call:  608-789-8940.

School Nurse

Jen Thrower is the La Crosse Polytechnic School Nurse.  She divides her time between Polytechnic and two other district schools.

Mrs. Thrower develops plans for students with health needs during the school day.  She coordinates this information with the Health Assistant, teachers, and nutritional services to provide for student safety.  She also trains staff members to be a part of the Medical Response Team (MRT). This group responds to a school emergency until the school nurse or 911 arrives.

If you need to contact Mrs. Thrower, please call:  608-789-8968.

District Health Information

For more information about the district’s health program, please click on the District Health Information button on the right.

This information includes, but is not limited to:
Dental Forms
Immunization Information
Health Condition Forms
Kindergarten Information
Medication Forms
Physical Forms
Vision Forms