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Mrs. Carissa Brudos

Welcome to Art! My name is Carissa Brudos. I am currently the Art Specialist here at Summit Environmental School. I have been teaching art in the LaCrosse School District for over 12 years and have lived in the LaCrosse area for over 23 years. I came to LaCrosse to attend UW-LaCrosse, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Art and two years later completed my Master’s Degree in Education. While completing my Master’s Degree, I met my husband, we married and moved to the DeSoto area, where we have lived for the past 16 years. We have a love for wide open spaces, giant dogs and each other.

I hope each and every student that steps into my art room has the opportunity and experiences to creatively solve problems, make choices, express themselves, explore the world around them, engage and persist in learning, observe carefully and imagine the possibilities art can bring.

Carissa Brudos

Summit Elementary