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High Performance Learning

High Performance Learning is performance by a student which is above and beyond usual classroom/grade level expectations. Keen interest, specialized talent, intellectual ability, strong task commitment and/or high motivation shown by a product, performance, or general awareness is recognized and supported by teachers.


Shelley Shirel  – Supervisor of High Performance Learning, 608-789-8942, sshirel@lacrossesd.org

Archie Barribeau – Coordinator of High Performance Learning, 608-789-8919, abarribe@lacrossesd.org

Elementary School Library/HPL Teachers:

Emerson – Lisa Altreuter laltreut@lacrossesd.org

Hamilton/SOTA I – Carrie Wuensch-Harden cwuensch@lacrossesd.org

Hintgen – Amanda Pfiffner apfiffne@lacrossesd.org

Northside/Coulee Montessori – Kristen Hoeth khoeth@lacrossesd.org

North Woods – Gary Boisvert gboisver@lacrossesd.org

Southern Bluffs – Kate Olson kaolson@lacrossesd.org

Spence – Shelayne Dunn sdunn@lacrossesd.org

State Road – Kristen Martin kmartin@lacrossesd.org

Summit – Darcy Maxwell dmaxwell@lacrossesd.org

Middle School Library/HPL Teachers:

Lincoln – Linda Watson lwatson@lacrossesd.org

Logan Middle – Chris Schiffer cschiffe@lacrossesd.org

Longfellow – Lila Planavsky lplanavsky@lacrossesd.org

More Information

Wisconsin Association for the Talented and Gifted

The Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted (WATG) is a non-profit organization of parents, students, educators, business and industry personnel, and other interested persons who are dedicated to fostering a climate in the home, school, and community that allows each individual to reach his or her unique potential.  WATG’s mission is to provide assistance in meeting the varied needs of gifted and talented individuals and their advocates.