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Teacher Summit Environmental SchoolKindergarten School Summit Elementary School 1800 Lakeshore Dr La Crosse Wisconsin 54603 Work Phone: 608-789-8857 Website:

I am so honored to be your child’s kindergarten teacher this year!
I am pleased that Summit Environmental School’s garden, forest and green spaces are meeting the basic natural ESSENTIAL NEEDS of young learners. I believe we embrace ideals of Friedrich Froebel–1782-1852:

Froebel was Known as the “Father of Kindergarten”
* Believed that a child’s first educational experience should be like a garden full of discoveries and adventure.
* Believed that the adults should set the stage and that children should use materials in their own manner (freely playing).

The first kindergarten opened in 1816 at Griesheim in Thuringia (now Germany).

Welcome to Summit KINDERGARTEN 2021-22

Something about me: I am a Minnesota native, having grown up in the (then rural) areas south of Mpls/St.Paul! I received my Early Childhood (EC)Pre-K, K, Science Elementary Teaching Degree at Concordia College–St.Paul, MN.
I received my Masters Degree at UW-L 10 years ago, while teaching with our awesome E.C Kindergarten team here at Summit.
I have been teaching for 39 years in the La Crosse area, and have lived in the rural Galesville/Melrose community, for the past 27 years with my family of 4.

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