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Jump Rope Club

Jump Rope Club is an after-school club that focuses on physical fitness and jump roping skills. It is open to all 1st through 5th Grade students and coached by P.E. teacher, Mr. Shuda.

The American Heart Association supports the program and its traveling team, the WIZARDS, that performs at various schools during the year.

Jump ropes are available for practice and may also be purchased.

Please bring tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirt, and jump ropes to practice.

Practice times are: 3:30-5:00 pm (please be prompt for pickup).


2023-24 Practice Dates:

Nov. 10/Gr. 1-2                                Dec. 8/Gr. 3-5

Dec. 15/Gr. 1-2                               Dec. 22/Gr. 3-5

Jan. 5/Gr. 1-2                                 Jan. 12/Gr. 3-5

Jan.19/Gr. 1-2                                Jan. 26/Gr. 3-5

Feb. 2/Gr. 1-2                                 Feb. 16/Gr. 3-5

Feb. 23/Gr. 1-2                               Mar. 1/Gr. 3-5

Mar. 8/Gr. 1-2                                 Mar. 15/Gr. 3-5

Mar. 22/Gr. 1-2                               Apr. 5/Gr. 3-5

Apr. 12/Gr. 1-2                               Apr. 26/Gr. 3-5

May 3/Gr. 1-2                                 May 10/Gr. 3-5

May 17/Gr. 1-2                               May 24/All grades