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Ms. Becky Lueck–School Counselor

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ABOUT ME:  I started my school counseling career in 2003 and spent my first 10 years work with students and families from the high school level.  I missed working with younger children and their families so was fortunate to have an opportunity to begin working at Southern Bluffs during the 2013-2014 school year.   I am married to my husband, Alex and have daughter Clare who is 3 years old.   Some of my “favorites” are:  being with my family,  laughter & smiles, coffee, trying new things and adventures, being outdoors, hiking, biking and swimming!

MY ROLE AT SOUTHERN BLUFFS:  My role as an elementary school counselor is to assist ALL of our students in having the most successful year possible. The elementary years are a time when students are developing their academic self-concept as well as their feelings of confidence and competence as learners.  They are growing their skills with  decision making, getting along & working with others, communication, handling feelings.

My goal is to help ALL children be the best they can be and to provide a warm and safe environment where young people learn about themselves and the world around them while developing the social and coping skills needed for daily living.  I support children, parents, teachers, school staff and families in many different ways.

CLASSROOM GUIDANCE: I visit all classrooms at Southern Bluffs typically teach  “guidance” lessons 2x a month in each classroom.  These lessons cover a variety of social and emotional learning topics including: feelings, emotional regulation skills, problem solving, diversity, decision making & choices, personal safety, goal setting, personal awareness.  To teach these lesson I utilize a variety of books, puppets, role plays, videos games, group discussion, and skill practice.

SMALL GROUP & INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING: Some students benefit from small groups or individual counseling to develop specific skills and/or address any areas of concern.  If your child is refer for individual counseling or small group counseling, I will be in touch with parents/guardians.

CONNECTING FAMILIES TO COMMUNITY RESOURCES/SUPPORTS:  I provide a listening & supportive ear to parents as “parenting” challenges come up.   I also refer families to community supports as needed.   I also work with families who might need assistance to ensure their children are able to come to school with basic needs met so that the children are ready to learn.

I am excited to work together with your son/daughter.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s school experience or your son’s/daughter’s development, please contact me by phone or email.  Together we can’s make this the best school experience for your child at Southern Bluffs Elementary School!

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