Southern Bluffs
Elementary School
4010 Sunnyside Dr | La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 | 608-789-7020 | Fax: 608-789-7176

Ms. Mary Meyer

Mary Meyer

Southern Bluffs Elementary




Welcome to Room 121!

Hi! My name is Mary Meyer. I grew up in a small community of about 500 people called Hewitt. Hewitt is approximately 5 miles east of Marshfield, WI. I attended grade school and high school in Marshfield.

I received both my bachelors and masters degree from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.  I taught in Neshkoro, WI for the Westfield School District for five years before joining the School District of La Crosse in 1998.

If at any time you have questions, concerns, etc., don’t hesitate to contact me by their daily sheets in their take home folders, phone (789-7020), or e-mail ( I will try to answer your questions or help in any way. Please understand, though, that I am teaching all day and probably will not get to checking my email or answering phone messages until after 3:20. If it is an emergency, please contact the office and they will get the message to me immediately.

I look forward to a great year together!!

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 Classroom Resources


Turtle Diary–Online Kids Educational Games
Sheppard Software – Covers All Subject Areas
Fun Learning Games
My Food Pryamid
Reading Websites
Math Websites
Graphing Websites




Social Studies

Map Skills




Highlight for Kids – Poems
Highlight for Kids – Articles
Highlight for Kids – Stories
Spelling City
Tumble Books
Sight Words with Samson
Word Family Sort


Phonics Games

  • R-Controlled

R-Controlled Words
R-Controlled Vowels



  • Fact/Opinion

Binky’s Fact or Opinion


Johnnie’s Math Page-The Best Math for Kids and their Teachers
Math Games (Many areas)
Cool Math
Soft Schools Math Games and More
Math Playground
AAA Math
Hooda Math Games
Addition GamesSubtraction Games




Math Facts

Cool Math–Make 10
Fun 4 the Brain
Fact Families
Basic Subtraction Facts to 20 – Mystery Picture
Subtraction Memory Game
Addition Memory Game
Addition Facts to 20 – Mystery Picture
Addition Number to 12
Rock Hopper
Play Kids Games – Math Fact Practice-Addition (at home only)
Kids Numbers – Add It Up
Play Kids Games – Math Fact Practice – Space Shuttle Launch
Play Kids Games – Math Fact Practice-Subtraction (at home only)
Play Kids Games – Math Fact Practice
Addition Time Test PracticeSubtraction Time Test Practice




Money to Build a Robot
Spending Money (At home only)
Farm Stand – Counting How Much You Owe (Higher Level)
Grandpa’s Game – Counting My Money
Counting Money
PBS Money Game
Garage Sale Wizard
US Mint Money Games
Scottie Nickel’s Change Maker
Cash Out – Making Change
Toon University – Discovering Coin Value
Funbrain – Penguin Waiter Tip Percent Game
Piggy Bank
Change Maker


Telling Time

Bedtime Bandits
Set the Clock
Bang on Time
Stop the Clock – 15 minutes
What Time Is It (at home only)
Willy the Watch Dog – Telling Time Game (2 people)
Telling Time 4
Telling Time 3
Telling Time 2
Telling Time 1
Count Us In – Match Up Time
Stop the Clock Hour
Telling Time Games for Kids
Count On
Time to Go
Time Teller
Stop the Clock – Half Hour
Clock Works
Interactive Clock Wise


  • Skip Counting

Doodle Dots
Fairy Fog
Math Games (Primary)—Appleton School District
Internet4Classrooms–Skip Counting
Sheppard Software — Balloon Pop Skip Counting
Online Skip Counting Games
Math is Fun
IXL-Math Practice

  • Multiplication Sentences

Toon University–Multiplication with 2 and 3
BrainPOP Jr. (Arrays)
Multiplication Games (Lower Fact Families)
Multiplication Picnic


Christmas Websites

HighlightKids–Make a Gingerbread House
Make a Snowflake
North Pole


Reading Charts and Graphs
How It All Stacks Up


Easter Websites

The Kidz Page – Easter Jigsaw Puzzles
The Kidz Page – Easter Activities

Valentine’s Day

Wordville – Valentine Word Game
Fact Monster – Hangman
Storyit–Valentine Word Game
Billy Bear 4 Kids – Drag and Drop Puzzle
Billy Bear 4 Kids – Slider Puzzle
The Kidz Page – Valentine’s Spot the Difference