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Meet T.E.A.M!

TEAM is your parent teacher association.  TEAM wishes to welcome all families joining North Woods International School for another great school year.

TEAM’s Goals:
Team is organized for the purpose of supporting and enhancing the educational experiences of the school’s students by:
1. Providing an organization through which the parents, school, and teachers can work cooperatively; and
2. Providing financial support for programs funded outside of the annual school budget.

If you have a question, please contact our North Woods TEAM by emailing:


Together Everyone Achieves More!

How do I get information?

TEAM sends update and events through email! Please be sure to contact the North Woods Office at 608-789-7000 to update any email changes.

Contact Us

N2541 Sablewood Road

La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: 608-792-9732
Fax: 608-789-7010

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Current Fundraisers!

Kwik Rewards Kares

Do you use a Kwik Rewards card?!  Link it to North Woods International today!

North Woods International is grateful to be part of the Kwik Rewards Kares Program through Kwik Trip. When you register your Kwik Trip card to this website, North Woods International is able to receive 10% of most inside sales purchase and 10 cents per gallon of gas! Kwik Rewards members still receive their same benefits!

Milk Moola

For the last 15 years, Kwik Trip Inc. has offered the Milk Moola fundraising program to thousands of organizations in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  During that time, we have contributed over $4 million dollars to those organizations.  It has been just one of many ways Kwik Trip have given back to the communities.  Over the last several months Kwik Trip has been assessing the impact of this fundraising program.  In doing so, Kwik Trip discovered that the cost to administer the program has outweighed the dollars Kwik Trip directly funded to help the participants.  Because of this, Kwik Trip has made the decision to end the Milk Moola program and reallocate our efforts and donations in a different direction – in order to more effectively serve our communities.  Kwik Trip wants to thank all of you for being part of this program for so many years.  Last day to submit all milk moola caps to North Woods will be March 22nd, 2019!