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To excuse your student’s attendance please contact:

Jennifer Knutson


Administrative Assistant

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Logan High Families,

Below are some attendance reminders:

Families are asked to contact the Attendance Office before 9:00 AM on the day their student is absent from school or on the day the student needs to leave for an appointment to avoid disrupting other students’ education during class time. Students returning to school after having missed a portion of the day should report to the Attendance Office when they have returned to school. If a student becomes ill or injured while at school, they must report to the Health Room and be excused by the health assistant or nurse before leaving school.

For extended absences, a Pre-Approved Absence Form should be filled out and returned to the Attendance Office. This form is available in the Attendance Office and the Main Office. Students should contact their teachers for homework requests.

Thank You and Have a Great Ranger Day,

Logan High Attendance


Snippets from the 2023-24 Student Handbook attendance excerpt:


State Statute 118.15 requires that school attendance is mandatory for a child who is between the ages of 6 and 18.  Regular attendance is an important component for success and is the responsibility of the parents/guardians and the students. Students and parents can be fined and referred to juvenile authorities for non-compliance with attendance laws. Adult students (18 years of age and older must follow the same attendance rules as other students and may sign their own notes ONLY after a parental note is received in the office releasing the parent/guardian from his/her responsibility).


Students may be excused from school for illness, health appointments, or family emergencies, provided the parent/guardian calls the attendance office at (608)789-3207 before 9 A.M. the day of the absence. Students must check out at the attendance office if they leave the building and check in when they return to school.


If a student misses three or more consecutive days, and/or accumulates 10 days of absence per year, a doctor’s note will be required for each absence due to illness thereafter, to be excused.  If the absences are due to a chronic medical condition, special religious holidays, or other extenuating circumstances, please contact an associate principal or principal.


Students are allowed 10 (part or all) parental absence days per year.  When the absence is planned, the student must make the request in writing, in advance with a pre-approved absence form available in the main or attendance offices.  A parent cannot excuse a child because the child decides s/he does not want to be in school.


Students will be excused for school related activities.  They must notify teachers prior to the event that will cause them to miss a class.  Teachers, coaches, and/or advisors must give a list of the students in the group that are to be released from class one day prior to the event.  All events must be administratively approved.


Tardiness is defined as being late to class. This causes interruption of the educational process and should be avoided. Those students checking in after the school day starts due to illness or going to or from an appointment should get an “excused pass” from the attendance office. Students who do not have an acceptable excuse for being late should report directly to class. Excessive tardiness will be handled by administration on a case by case basis.  Any student who leaves their materials in the room prior to class starting and returns after class has started will be considered tardy unless permission was given in advance by the teacher.


Students who are absent from school without an acceptable excuse shall be considered unexcused.  This includes excessive tardiness, excessive excused absences (10 or more), and skipping all or part of the day. All unexcused absences must be made up either in detention or with the teacher whose class was missed.  Unexcused absences may result in Simple Truancy Citations, a Habitual Truancy Citation, and/ or a referral to the La Crosse County Human Services.


Juniors and seniors will be assigned to a commons period rather than a study hall. While a commons period allows more freedom than a study hall, students must remain in the building in designated areas. Both attendance issues and failing grades, as well as other conduct, may result in the student being reassigned to a more structured study hall.