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Pep Band

Pep Band “New and Improved”–Next Game Dec. 15th
Pep Band "New and Improved"--Next Game Dec. 15th

That’s right, our New and Improved “Instruments of Mass Destruction” will be unveiled at the Varsity Girls Basketball game Vs. Sparta on Tuesday December 15th.

Contact: Mr. Renkas
Logan High School Pep Band Policies
The Pep Band performs for eight selected basketball games at Logan High School, providing a great outlet for music-making in a very relaxed and yet energized setting. The function of pep band is to help foster a sense of school pride and excitement at sporting events. Members of the Pep Band will be expected to attend a minimum of six of the eight regular season games. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the pep band.

All members fulfilling the attendance and performance of the Pep Band will receive an Activity Letter. All members of the Pep Band must complete and return a commitment form to reserve a place in the band.