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Boys Soccer

Welcome to the Logan boys soccer home page.


feel free to email with any questions.
Coach Kammer

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Areas of development
The three areas of player development are:

1) Technical Ability
2) Tactical Awareness
3) Soccer Fitness

The following sections will contain content designed to help you improve in those three areas.

Technical ability
This will be a collection of video clips showing on the ball skills to work on, as well as challenges to help you develop your skill with the ball. Watch a clip then go practice.
Tactical Awareness
Also Known As Soccer IQ. Knowing which actions can best help your team is key to becoming a better soccer player. Use these quizzes to learn the best actions for given situations on the field.
Soccer Fitness
Includes a weight program and fitness challenges to help prepare for an upcoming season.
Technical ability
Seven point challenge
Seven point challenge
Ball control and Passing
Control and passing

Technical soccer workout #1
30 -45 min workout focusing on footwork and passing/recieving

30 xecond touch challenge (UEFA)

Technical Soccer Workout #2
30 – 45 minute workout focusing on soft feet and first touch control

Soccer Fitness

Weight Program