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Central High School Bands

Upcoming Events

Central HS Graduation

Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band 

Friday May 25th

Report to the La Crosse Center 6:00 p.m.

Graduation begins at 7:00 p.m.


Memorial Day Parade

Report to Central at 8:00 a.m.

Full Marching Uniform

We will bus to the parade

Following the parade we will perform in Oak Grove Cemetery at About 10:00 a.m.

Busses will return to Central following the Cemetery Service.

Marching Instruments and Uniforms will be turned in at Central starting when we arrive following the service.




CHS Band Association

Central Band Magazine Sale

Please enter 2516151 in the “School / Organization Online ID” field of the website

Summer Lesson Enrollment Form

Please fill out this form and submit to Mr. Hansberry or Mr. Swerman if you are interested in summer lessons.

Central Bands Concert Attire Requirements

Concert Black Requirements

MEN and WOMEN will wear “all black,” sometimes this is called, “pit black.” This can be accomplished in a few ways: formal floor length dresses or floor length skirts or pants with a black blouse. The blouse, sweater, jacket or top of the dress should be all black with sleeves (no exposed elbows) and the student’s shoulders, back and midriff should be completely covered. A moderate to conservative neckline should be observed. For guys, black pants, black button down shirt, long sleeves, black socks, black shoes, etc.

No “joints” should be exposed: knees, elbows, shoulders… pasty white Wisconsin skin is to be avoided in our look.

FOR EVERYONE this is the type of dress is to make everyone look “the same” (very similar to our marching uniform). If this happens we take focus off ourselves, refocus to the entire ensemble and most importantly, the music. No obscene piercings, no visible tattoos, think conservative.

Grading Policy

What the student will learn/Assessment:
A fundamental goal of the four year high school band program is to develop students who are musically independent. In addition to individual technical development the students learn how the following relate to the ensemble/band: Tone (beauty, blend, clarity), Intonation (individual & ensemble), Balance, Technique (facility, articulation, accuracy, rhythm, precision), Interpretation (expression, phrasing, tempo & style), Musical Effect (artistry & fluency), and Other Factors (appearance, stage presence, & discipline). Grades are determined from the points possible for each student compared to the points earned using the following % scale:
93=A, 90 = A-, 88 = B+, 83 = B, 80 = B-, 78 = C+, 73 = C, 70 = C-, 68 = D+, 63 = D, 60 = D-, and below 660 = F. 
Points are earned through a variety of experiences including: rehearsals, performances, evaluations and lessons. Specific types of assessments you may expect are:
(1) DAILY POINTS: 10 pts. possible for each class period. Points are earned for following directions/procedures, having required equipment/instrument, and having all required music and/or handouts. If you should miss a class period(s) you may make it up with your lesson instructor. You are allowed one day for each day absent to complete the work (extensions are possible for extenuating circumstances).
(2) PERFORMANCES: Each performance may earn up to 50 pts. Points are earned for satisfactory participation, being on time, wearing the correct uniform/dress as announced, and cooperation.
(3) LESSONS: Each student will be scheduled for lesson appearances each semester. Each lesson is worth 50 points based on accuracy of the given assignment.  (See separate lesson rubric) In addition, the following will also be held during one or more of the lesson times:
FALL AUDITION is a skills test measuring tone, intonation, instrument/body positioning, intervals, articulation, rhythm, tempo, expression, and sight-reading.
MUSIC CHECKS(100 pts.) are held each quarter, depending on the concert schedule, and is a playing evaluation of music studied in class. The lst quarter check will be based on the street piece. It is to be played from memory to a taped version played by the band. Checks for 2nd, 3rd, & 4th quarters will be on concert music (not from memory).
(4) SEMESTER FINALS (100 pts.): All classes are required to use semester exams which are held during the final week of the semester. Exams may be written and/or played covering material/concepts presented during the semester.
Specific Behavioral Expectations of this class: In addition to the school rules (no hats, no eating/drinking,etc.) students are not to chew gum during playing class periods. Students are to be quiet and pay attention to anyone who is directing the group. Students may talk between numbers, only. Students are expected to exhibit appropriate care for their uniform, instrument(s), and music.
General Comments: Following the Fall Audition, students are divided into two concert bands: Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band. Any additional requirements/expectations for these ensembles will be presented during the first rehearsal. In order to encourage musical growth the following extra credit opportunities are offered: help lessons on band music (5), extra method lessons(5-50), private instruction outside of school(30 max. per qtr), contest solos and additional ensembles(15/10), other performances/ensembles approved by the director(s).