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AVID Program-Central High School

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AVID – Advancement Via Individual Determination – is a 9 to 12 grade college readiness system that prepares students who are in the academic middle for college eligibility and success. Students take an AVID elective class every year which provides academic skills and strategies so that students can access more rigorous courses, like Honors and AP. Students focus on goal setting, self discovery and personal improvement.

Three important components of all AVID classes include:

  • The AVID Binder (an organizational system)
  • Focus Note-Taking using Cornell Notes (study and learning strategies)
  • Tutorials (a twice-weekly collaborative and inquiry based process)

AVID students are exposed to a wide range of guest speakers – from college representatives to financial experts and motivational speakers. A variety of field trips and college visits are also included.

Participation in AVID is voluntary and requires an application and interview.

Ellen Koelbl

Mrs. Koelbl will again lead AVID and continue with AVID 12 this year. Mrs. Koelbl teaches Pre-AP English and helps to coordinate other AVID responsibilities and will lead efforts to take AVID strategies school wide by being a Teaching/Learning Specialist as part of her duties this year.


Hannah Bertram
AVID 11-12 Counselor

Mrs. Bertram continues as AVID counselor with AVID 11 and AVID 12 students. Mrs. Bertram consults often with students about their classwork and their lives, assists in the AVID classroom with goal-setting and PSAT/ACT planning and preparation, and contributes overall to the goals of the program. She often works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure student success.


Ellen Montenero
AVID 9-10 Counselor

Mrs. Montenero works closely with AVID 9 and 10 students. She provides support by assisting in the AVID Elective classroom with college and career readiness skills. Mrs. Montenero comes to Central this year from another school district with the AVID program. In addition to her responsibilities with AVID students, she is also the counselor for all 10th grade students.


Charlie Stoflet
AVID 11 Teacher

Mr. Stoflet is the AVID 11 Seminar teacher. He also teaches Biology and AP Biology at Central. He provides students with additional instruction on PSAT and ACT preparation, as well as relational capacity and leadership training. A college crate is created in this class in order to prepare students for the college and scholarship application process their senior year.


Kevin Colburn
AVID 10 Teacher

Mr. Colburn is AVID elective teacher for AVID 10. Mr. Colburn will also have many of the AVID 10 students in AP U.S. History.

He is excited for this opportunity and reinforces many of the AVID strategies in his social science classes. Mr. Colburn can also be found coaching the defense of varsity football.


Greg Schams
AVID 9 Teacher

Mr. Schams leads the AVID 9 Elective class. He also works with many of the AVID 9 students in his AP World History classes. Mr. Schams prepares students for the rigor of advanced classes by introducing students to the AVID strategies. Students will use these strategies and continue to refine them throughout high school. In AVID 9 students also focus on goal setting, a four-year plan, and developing relational capacity with their teachers and other AVID students.


Troy McDonald
AVID District Administrator

Mr. McDonald is a Central graduate—Class of 1982.  He has been at Central for 9 years as an Associate Principal, and this year takes over as (Interim) Principal at CHS and the AVID District Director for the LaCrosse School District .  Mr. McDonald oversees the AVID programs at both Logan and Central.