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Central Connection

Central Connection


updated 1/19/20

The Central Show Choirs will be hosting the Grand River Invitational held on Friday, January 24 and Saturday, January 25. This is a big week for us as we host 31 schools (our biggest competition yet) from 4 states! We will need to be highly organized and available to work/help/volunteer this week.

Schedule of events:

Tuesday, Jan. 21 1:00 – 5:00pm                                                                                                                     Sign making from 1:00 – 4:00pm. CC will begin rehearsing as soon as sign making is done or 3:30 – which ever comes earliest

Thursday, Jan. 23  3:30 – 9:00pm                                                                                                       Rehearsal after school until 5:15. Pizza will be served at 5:15 and then competition set-up will ensue. All show choir members help with set-up and parent volunteers are also greatly appreciated. Set up should be done between 8:30 and 9:00pm.

Friday, Jan. 24  3:30 – 10:00pm                                                                                                                 Host Concert Choir and Middle School Show Choir portion of competition

Saturday, Jan. 25  6:00am – Midnight                                                                                                             Host High School Show Choir portion of competition. NOTE: CC WILL WARM-UP AT 6:30PM IN THE CHOIR ROOM AND PERFORM AT 7:05PM. We kick-off the evening finals competition.