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Robed Choir 2022-2023


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A note from Mr. Esser (May 2021)


To the Central High School Vocal Music Students Present and Past –


As you probably know, this is my last year of teaching (39 1/2 years) and my last at CHS (30 years).


I’ve been going through a specific desk drawer where I keep a bunch of notes, letters, emails, etc. from parents, current and former students, and some from random judges or people in the community.  I even kept some of the “I’m not happy with you” notes; I kept those notes to keep me grounded 

As I was reading the notes, it whooshed over me how lucky I have been to be here for such a long time.  I am appreciative of how many amazing people I have had the pleasure to teach, sit next to, share musical experiences with, etc.  I thank every person I had contact with over the years, whether positive or negative. You all gave me insight into humanity. The happiest times in my life were experiences I had with students.  The joy of seeing students’ faces when they discovered something about music/life that they never knew before was inspiring to me.  The elation felt after a performance, or winning/placing at a competition, or the emotion felt after the Memorial Day service will always stay with me.  Preparing so many great voice recitals or receiving a “this is one of the best performances I have ever judged” comment at solo/ensemble contest, are all just some of treasured memories in my life.  Those experiences fed my soul.  Performing at college festivals, church tours, community events, fund-raising events for various community groups  – the list goes on and on – the singers in this high school program did SO much to improve our community.  (Did you realize that the show choir fund-raising concerts raised over $30,000 for community organizations over the years?)

Of course, much credit goes to the support of the parents/guardians of the singers.  It has been a pleasure working with your children.

I am thankful beyond words to have been a part of this program.  As the tears run down my cheeks writing this note, just know that I love all of you so much.  Even though I had to be “direct” with my words at times, just know that it came from a place of respect and conviction, that I knew you could be better than you ever imagined.




Mike Esser


PS – for those that were a part of the “Tribute Video” – thanks so much.  It was so awesome to see faces from the past!!  All of you have aged so well  – I’m envious 



Central High School offers four curricular choirs including:

*Robed Choir – 1 credit

*Upper Treble Choir – 1 credit

*Bass Clef Choir – 1/2 credit

*Freshmen Treble Choir – 1/2 credit

Additional offerings include varsity and prep level show choirs and solo and ensemble coaching.

There is a place in this program for every student who wants to sing.

Food for thought …

“The world’s top academic countries place a high value on music education … requiring music education training, both instrumental and vocal, for several decades.”

~1988 International Assoc. for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IAEEA) Test