Middle School
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Longfellow Middle School is a school that is unique to the Coulee Region. Under the auspices of the School District of La Crosse, Longfellow provides thematic learning to “all who enter here.” Longfellow clinicians believe in guiding the 21st Millennial Century learner in a manner that is both meaningful and memorable.

In order to do this, instruction is presented and taught that is both engaging in process and content. The basics are taught to provide a solid content foundation for all students to build their knowledge and critical thinking skills. Process is taught to provide students that “stickiness factor” or learning that will live on with them in their high school and post K-12 experiences. Some examples of the “stickiness factor” are real-world research on the Mississippi River, recreating the history of La Crosse via music and drama, student pod-casting that encompasses the lives of influential Coulee Region Women, and middle school mentors who provide role-modeling to elementary and sixth grade students.

Longfellow houses teams of teachers or pods that provide the basics of what is called a “middle school philosophy.” This is more than just a 6-8 configuration; rather it is a way of educating students that marries small numbers of teachers to small numbers of students for the totality of the school year. These small numbers are combined with educators who share daily team time geared toward interdisciplinary projects, concepts, and processes.

Furthermore, Longfellow educators realize the importance of solid relationships for this age group and work diligently to provide a caring adult for every student. Time is set aside several times per week for students and teachers to build these important relationships. The purpose behind this philosophy and practice is to promote healthy relationships and guide students in their ability to resolve conflicts.