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FOOTBALL – FALL – 7th/8th Graders



This picture shows an american football manufactured by Wilson lying on a football field. The football has the typical brown and redish color with some white lines painted on it and white laces on the top.




Football is open to all Longfellow students in 7th & 8th Grade.

First Day of Practice:
First Day of School, September 1st- Full Pads 3:00 – 4:45 pm on field

All students participating in athletics at Longfellow must complete the online registration and submit a sport physical. Click on the links below:


Sports Physical Form



  • Before the first practice each athlete must have completed the online registration and have a sport physical on file.
  • All athletes must have 3 days of non-padded practice before they may participate in any contact.
  • All athletes must have 14 days of practice before they participate in a game.
  • Athletes are encouraged to bring water bottles to practice to decrease time lost waiting in line for a drink at the drinking fountain.
  • All practices during the school year will begin promptly at 3:00 and end as closely to 4:45 pm as possible.
  • Most 7th Grade games are played on Tuesdays.
  • Most 8th Grade games are played on Thursdays.
  • *There may be some exceptions based on scheduling availability with other schools.
  • Check the Longfellow website Activity Calendar on the main page for the for the 2015 game schedule.



Mr. Reggie Raab, Head Coach
Mr. Jordan Beenken, Assistant Coach




Practices and Schedules are posted to the Longfellow/LDI Activities Calendar.  Click on “Notify Me” to be notified of schedule changes.  Click on “Subscribe” to subscribe to the calendar.