Middle School
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School Administrative Assistants

The Longfellow/LDI administrative assistants are Amanda Turner, Assistant to Mr. Baudek, Associate Principal and Jacie Mailey Faas, Assistant to Dr. Reedy, Principal.  Mrs. Turner handles all student related issues, including attendance, grading/report cards, and athletics. Mrs. Faas handles all financial, staff, and website issues.

Both assistants are able to help you with anything matter you need assistance with or can forward your calls to the correct staff member.

To contact Amanda Turner, amturner@lacrossesd.org, 608-789-3503 – Assistant to Mr. Baudek (Attendance and Athletic)
To contact Jacie Mailey Faas, jmaileyf@lacrossesd.org, 608-789-3502 – Assistant to Dr. Reedy (Staff & Financial)