Middle School
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School Guidance

Counselors are an integral part of the overall educational program, providing resources, programming, and leadership.

As counselors, we realize that optimal learning takes place when a student is free from emotional distractions. Therefore, we offer support in the realm of personal and social issues as well as educational and vocational goals.

Both counselors are available to all of the students. The choice of which one the student/family wishes to work with is theirs.

* To serve as consultants to teachers
* To provide an orientation for incoming students and help them with the transition
* To provide an orientation for students going on to Central or Logan
* To provide one-to-one counseling as needed
* To facilitate groups for students with common problems
* To be responsible for the state testing program in grade 8
* To cooperate with community agencies and refer students for specialized help
* To plan the annual 8th grade Career Day
* To assist in facilitating the Peer Mediators
* To coordinate the after-school Homework Club
* To assist in the implementation of the FAST program


Mr. Lee Stahl & Mrs. Stephanie Greenwold

Mr. Lee Stahl & Mrs. Stephanie Greenwold

Stephanie Greenwold: 608-789-3523

Lee Stahl: 608-789-3557