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LA CROSSE, Wis., (November 21, 2023) – Motivated by a commitment to inclusion and inspired by the desire to provide every student with a chance to succeed, the district continues to recognize the evolving landscape of physical education. In a pioneering move towards continuing to foster inclusivity and physical well-being, the School District of La Crosse is proud to announce the addition of a nine-person side-by-side bike to its adapted physical education program. This unique initiative is designed to facilitate shared experiences among special education students, transcending physical abilities.

The introduction of the multi-seat side-by-side bike aims to address the diverse needs of students who may face challenges in traditional biking activities. This innovative approach enables students, regardless of their ability to balance or navigate conventional bikes, to actively participate in physical education units at elementary, middle, and high school levels.

“This initiative marks a significant step towards ensuring that every student, irrespective of their physical abilities, can actively engage in physical education and experience the joy of biking,” said Adapted Physical Education Teacher Lisa Boyer. “Beyond the physical benefits, this program is designed to enhance social skills, creating an environment where students build lasting connections and celebrate shared achievements.”

As students embark on this unique biking experience, the School District of La Crosse hopes it instills valuable life skills. The program seeks to nurture physical development by providing a safe and supportive platform for all students. The side-by-side bike encourages teamwork and cooperation, fostering an inclusive environment where students support one another. Simultaneously, the initiative encourages social interaction, breaking down barriers and promoting a sense of community among students with diverse abilities.

The 9-person bike is not just a vehicle for physical activity; it symbolizes the district’s commitment to inclusive education. It accommodates general education students who wish to contribute actively by pedaling the bike, creating an environment where collaboration and understanding thrive.

The bike also features a recently adapted safe and supportive seat with a seat belt, catering specifically to students who utilize wheelchairs, further emphasizing the district’s commitment to accessibility.

The School District of La Crosse is excited about the positive impact this innovative approach will have on the physical and social development of its students. Through initiatives like these, the district continues to be at the forefront of inclusive education, setting a precedent for fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.