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LA CROSSE, Wis., (July 28, 2023) – The School District of La Crosse Facility Advisory Committee (FAC) is halfway through the process of developing recommendations to the administration and the School Board. The citizen-based group has narrowed the scope of its elementary facilities evaluation and continues to evaluate secondary facilities for comparability.

The FAC consists of 25 participants selected to create a representative group that includes individuals from a range of backgrounds. The FAC is facilitated by Dr. Joe Schroeder, an independent, Wisconsin-based, educational consultant, who said of the process so far, “The committee members have been very deliberative in our meetings to date. I especially appreciate how they respect a variety of opinions throughout the process and keep the overall interests of district students at the center.”

The FAC has accomplished a number of significant tasks in the first four meetings: 

  • Reviewed demographic data, enrollment projections, facilities assessments, best practices, and other factors that impact school district facilities.
  • Evaluated community feedback from a community survey to integrate key input into decision parameters.
  • Identified parameters for facilities evaluation from policies and the community survey.
  • Refined the number of elementary school consolidation options.

The transparency of the process is facilitated by a website that includes: agendas, minutes, presentations, all supporting materials, FAQs, and video recordings of the meetings. The website can be visited at:

Upcoming FAC meetings will be held at Hogan Administrative Center from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on the following dates: August 14, September 14, October 17, and November 2. FAC meetings are open to the public, allowing community members to listen to the committee’s dialog; however, participation in conversations is limited to FAC members. Non-committee members are able to provide written feedback. 

The FAC will submit a final report with recommendations to the administration and School Board by December. After the report is complete, there will be an opportunity for public comment while the administration and School Board determine the next steps in updating the long-range facility plan.