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LA CROSSE, Wis., (December 8, 2022) – Made possible through generous community support, the La Crosse Public Education Foundation (LPEF) continues to proudly support students and teachers at every grade level in La Crosse schools. The latest round of Gold Star Grants will fund projects that provide students a chance to learn new skills, have new experiences, and be exposed to new ideas.

Grant projects will cover everything from a mural of the night sky, sports and music equipment, and dramatic play and literacy development materials. Funding for these projects and more are among 23 grants totaling $44,778 announced today by the La Crosse Public Education Foundation.

“The grants awarded today are an amazing array of creative and collaborative ideas from the teachers and staff in the School District of La Crosse,” said the President of the La Crosse Public Education Foundation Board of Directors, Dr. Tom Thompson. “They will give students at every grade level the opportunity to meet and work with artists and authors and expand their horizons via books, experiences, and travel. We continue to be so thankful to those who support LPEF so that our community can be a part of bringing these ideas to life.”

Gold Star Grants are selected for funding based on creativity, ability to engage students, and the total
impact or reach of the project throughout the district.

Longfellow Middles School art educator Clinton Grabhorn accepts a Gold Star Grant

Here is a brief summary of the 23 grants.

  • $5,800 to support presentations by award-winning author K.A. Holt for all Middle School
    students. Recipients: Lila Planavsky, Christina Schiffer, Abby Von Arx, Jill Emerich, Courtney
    High, Teri Kendhammer, Jeanne Halderson, Alexis Raatz, Maggie McHugh, Shelly Wolter
  • $5,000 towards the production of several children’s books telling the stories of early African
    American settlers in the La Crosse area to be distributed in La Crosse and surrounding schools.
    Recipients: Enduring Families Project and La Crosse Historical Society.
  • $4,100 to purchase updated dramatic play materials with matching thematic books for all the 4K
    classrooms in the Model 1 and Model 3 sites in the La Crosse School District. Recipient: Jane
    Erickson. This grant is underwritten in part by Fowler & Hammer, Inc.
  • $2,500 toward the purchase of upgraded weightlifting equipment for use by Central classes and
    sports teams. Recipients: Jen Schieldt, Mitch Olson, Tia Teske, Ryan Bott. This grant is
    underwritten in part by Modern Crane Service.
  • $2,495 to purchase a self-contained hydroponics unit at Hamilton/SOTA I for hands-on learning
    in science, health, and social studies. Recipient: Mike Lawrence. This grant is underwritten in
    part by Gundersen Health System.
  • $2,150 to support an extra-curricular horn band to provide all high-school students with
    expanded musical outlets. Recipients: Brian Renkas, Adam Carty. This grant is underwritten in
    part by Mooresmiles.
  • $2,093 to purchase new audio equipment for Central music programs. Recipients: Joshua
    Beron, Ian Schultz.
  • $2,040 to support Logan High School Art and Spanish students’ trip to the National Museum of
    Mexican Art in Pilsen, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Recipients: Joe Beck, Rhonda McGowan.
  • $2,000 for Spence Elementary Students to collaborate with Michael Martino to co-create a mural
    that celebrates the night sky and our connections to our community. Recipients: Ronnah Metz,
    Mike Martino. This grant is underwritten by Dairyland Power Cooperative.
  • $2,000 to purchase books with built-in audiobooks for State Road students to build literacy
    skills. Recipient: Kristen Martin. This grant is underwritten in part by Altra Foundation.
  • $2,000 towards the purchase of adaptive equipment for students with mobility challenges
    throughout the district to participate in Physical Education activities. Recipients: Lindsey Shay,
    Bethany Peterson, Katelyn Koehler. This grant is underwritten in part by Mayo Clinic Health
  • $1,754 to purchase supplies for an after-school club at Schuh Homes for students who aren’t
    able to participate in after-school extracurriculars due to transportation barriers. Recipient:
    Gary Boisvert. This grant is underwritten in part by Altra Foundation.
  • $1,500 to aid students’ literacy skill development at North Woods through large motor and
    sensory activities. Recipients: Tara Schuttenhelm, Becky Misch. This grant is underwritten in
    part by Trust Point.
  • $1,491 to train Hintgen Special Education teachers in Orton Gillingham Math to support
    interventions and instruction in general education settings. Recipients: Emily Juneau, Sam
    Tooke, Jessie Rooney. This grant is underwritten in part by the Richard Swantz Endowment
  • $1,340 to combine science learning with artistic expression at Emerson through collaboration
    with local visiting artist Pete Sandker. Recipients: Rachel Hoscheit, Patrick Shay, Lisa Stundahl.
    This grant is underwritten in part by Gillette & Associates.
  • $1,200 to fund the short-term artist residency of local artist, Shoua Yang, at Longfellow Middle
    School. Recipient: Clinton Grabhorn.
  • $1,055 to support materials for Central biology students to learn about cells through the story of
    Henrietta Lacks. Recipients: Joanne Morgan, Kay Soper, Sophie Bond, Katie Green.
  • $1,000 to purchase equipment to support outdoor physical education for Logan High students.
    Recipient: Jodi Mahlum. This grant is awarded in honor of retired Energy and Transportation
    Manager, Mike Freybler, and underwritten in part by Fowler & Hammer, Inc.
  • $835 to encourage learning in logic, probability, and basic math skills through games. Recipient:
    Erin Schmuck. This grant is awarded in honor of retired Lincoln Middle School teacher Kim
    Stoflet and underwritten in part by Fowler & Hammer, Inc.
  • $825 to create visual book menus of recommended titles for students in LMCs throughout the
    School District of La Crosse. Recipients: Carrie Wuensch-Harden, SDLC Teacher Librarians. This
    grant is awarded in honor of retired Southern Bluffs teacher Brenda Ahern and underwritten in
    part by Fowler & Hammer, Inc.
  • $800 for Logan High History students to learn from local author John Armbruster through his
    book Tailspin and a visit. Recipients: Kristi Moulton, Sara Krueger, Tammy Gruen, Leah Genz,
    Eric Martin, Tricia Gibbons. This grant is underwritten by Optum Serve.
  • $500 to support the start-up of a Knit and Crochet Club at Logan High School. Recipient: Allecia
  • $300 for members of the Logan High School FEM club to learn about women’s issues through a
    performance of The Vagina Monologues at La Crosse Community Theater. Recipients:
    Antoinette Dziedzic, Kate Keeney, Leah Genz.

In addition to Gold Star Grants, LPEF provides other support for La Crosse schools, including Random
Acts of Kindness to meet the needs of students in areas such as nutrition, hygiene, clothing, and