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August 14, 2020 secondary communication

Central and Logan High School students and families,

First of all, we are hoping for health and safety for you and your family. Whenever we discuss options, possibilities and decisions that need to be made, we are thinking about what is best for students.

We have been thrown a few curveballs within the last couple weeks, but know that the 2020-21 school year start is fast approaching and some final decisions have to be made in regard to the schedule and staffing of CRVA and the master schedule and staffing of Central and Logan High Schools.

We wanted to give you more information regarding what Central and Logan classes will look like in the all virtual world and what CRVA will look like for the first semester.

Central and Logan High Schools Schedule

Please see attached what the synchronous schedule will look like for Logan HS and Central HS students in the all virtual world. Students will be asked to check-in at the beginning of class with their teacher and the teacher will have that period to work with the students in-person. We have carved out longer breaks, a longer lunch, and time at the end of each school day so that students can balance their screen synchronous time with their work outside of class. We are also setting up office hours for teachers to work with students on their needs.

2020-21 Virtual Schedule

CRVA Schedule

This schedule will be asynchronous for the first semester.  See below for the anticipated classes that we will be offering in CRVA. Any course requests that were made for classes not on this list will have to be postponed to later in a student’s academic career. Counselors can also see if there is any availability within escholars, but no other classes are guaranteed.

Anticipated CRVA Course Offerings

English 9, English 10, Pre-AP English, English 11, Sr English, College-Prep English

Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus

World History, US History, US Government, Economics, AP US History

Biology, Science Matters, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Astronomy

Fitness and Wellness, Select PE, Adventure Education, Weight Training, Sr Competitive Activities, Health

Spanish II, Spanish III, Art 1, Foods for Life, Creative Foods, Woods 1, Personal Finance

Final Window for Decision on Schedule

The number of students enrolled in CRVA and those courses has a large impact on staffing and the master schedules of both Central and Logan.


We are opening up one final window that closes at Noon on Thursday, August 13th. Please email Dr. Lichucki and Principals McDonald/Gnewikow if you are changing your decision on enrolling your student in CRVA or Central/Logan. We will take these final numbers and classes and re-work our staffing and master schedules. We will then get schedules for 1st semester to students as soon as that process is completed.

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. We are working as hard as we can to give options to our families and provide the best educational experience possible given the conditions and circumstances.

Principal McDonald and Principal Gnewikow