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Choice and Charter Opportunities

In addition to our outstanding neighborhood schools, the School District of La Crosse offers a variety of unique choice and charter schools. Parents/guardians have the opportunity to submit an application for their student, entering kindergarten through twelfth grade, to attend one of our choice and charter schools during the priority placement window.

If your student is currently enrolled in one of our choice and charter schools, or you simply wish to continue at your current school, you do not need to complete the choice and charter application. However, if your child is going from elementary school to middle school, you will need to complete an application to continue your child’s education in a choice or charter school. Otherwise, your child’s secondary school will be based on your physical address/boundary.

Should you have any questions about a particular choice or charter program, contact the building principal for detailed information.

For general information email choiceandcharter@lacrossesd.org or call 608.789.7654.

Note: Please know that the successful submission of an application is not a guarantee of placement. Considerations such as physical space and special education programming (which will be considered through program availability at each building), will remain factors as we strive to most appropriately meet the learning needs of our students.

Choice Options Include:

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

Charter Options Include:

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

Middle/High School


February 1st – April 30th, 2021

Charter Application Window Opens

Intradistrict Transfer/Choice Application Window Opens

State of Wisconsin Open Enrollment Window


For more information:

District Open Enrollment Information

DPI Open Enrollment Information and Application


Open Enrollment

For Non-Residents:

If you do not live in the School District of La Crosse and have applied or plan on applying for OPEN ENROLLMENT through the Department of Public Instruction for the current school year or next school year-

You must wait to receive your Open Enrollment Approval Letter before completing enrollment.


Preschool Enrollment into a Choice and Charter School:

For preschool enrollment into a choice or charter school, please visit the district enrollment page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the choice and charter schools and my boundary school?

The School District of La Crosse boundary schools include students from boundary attendance areas as well as students that choose to attend through a boundary exemption.

Choice schools include students from the boundary attendance area as well as students that choose to attend through the choice and charter process.  These schools deliver curriculum using a thematic approach or have a unique calendar.

A governing council that includes parents, community members, and staff governs charter schools. Students come from throughout the district to attend these schools. Charter schools use unique instructional approaches that honor the specific mission of the charter to deliver their curriculum.

What if I am interested in my child attending a school that is not on the choice and charter list?

You would want to fill out a boundary exemption form.  More information on boundary exemptions can be found at https://www.lacrosseschools.org/parents/boundary-information/ or by contacting Michelle Wozney at 608-789-7651 or  mwozney@lacrossesd.org.

Is transportation provided to the choice and charter schools?

A shuttle will be provided from the boundary school to the charter and choice schools. Alternatively, a student may board the bus at any neighborhood elementary, middle, or high school (a school within the student’s same level). School start times do not allow the district to guarantee that a student can ride the bus from home to the boundary school and then catch the choice and charter shuttle. Busing is provided only during the traditional school calendar (relevant for Hamilton and Northside year-round school). Only the shuttle from a school to the choice and charter school will be provided with certainty. For specific transportation questions, please call GO Riteway at 608.881.6370.

I do not have access to a computer to fill out the on-line application?

You can either fill out an on-line application at your current school, at our administrative building (Hogan) in our Welcome Center (Room 112), at your local public library, or call 608-789-7654 and we will assist you in filling out the form.

When will I know if my child has been accepted into the school?

Students with applications submitted during the application window (February 1 – April 30) will be contacted by the end of May with their school placement status. Students with applications submitted after the priority placement deadline will be contacted by the end of June. After June 30, decisions will be made on an individual basis at the school.

For students applying for Coulee Montessori Adolescent Program, SOTA II, and La Crosse Polytechnic School, the school will contact you to set up a possible shadow day.

Is the same curriculum taught in all district schools?

Yes, the same high quality curriculum is taught in all district elementary schools, including the choice and charter schools. However, how the curriculum is delivered is different in these schools, which all have a specific area of focus or building-wide theme.